13 Apr 19

OPINION: We’ll miss the man who wore thongs and trousers to the Bogey Hole | POLL, PHOTOS Scot MacDonald in thongs and trousers at the Bogey Hole. Pictures: Jonathan Carroll.
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TweetFacebookHerald on Monday as saying she wants to end Novocastrian “negativity”.

The thing is, one person’s negativity is another person’s positivity. Who decides what’s negative?

Sometimes when this correspondent writes anews story, a person being interviewed will say: “Is the story going to be positive?”.

“Positive for who?”, wereply.

How do you define what’s positive anyhow? Some might say that having citizens stand up for their rights, speak their mind and criticise, question and challenge governments,public officials, corporations, bullies and anyone in power is a positive thing.

But some politicians appear to want the people to be obedient, compliant stooges. We’re not saying Catherine thinks this. But if Novocastrians want to be “negative” about stuff they don’t like, that’s their choice. This isn’t China, North Korea, Russia or Saudi Arabia.

Vladmir Putin is a master of propaganda. He’s also known for murder and mayhem.

If Catherine is a politician worth her salt, she’ll accept criticism and respond constructively, hopefully withpassion. If she makes her argument well, some critics might even change their positions.

It’s been interesting to watch the hyper-sensitive Donald Trump berate and denigrate journalists in the US who write critical articles about him.

We’ve seen the same thing happen here, even at a local level. It’s not uncommon for politicians and senior bureaucrats to become dictatorial, autocratic and domineering.

Some of them panic like scared little children when anyone criticises them in the media.

They appear to want total control and domination. They probably have total control over everyone else in their life. Not being able to control pesky journos and activists hurts their fragile egos and stokes their inner rage. Or does it just upset their inner child? (You know, daddy didn’t love them and mummy didn’t hug them).

If only everyone was like the sycophantic acolytes and propagandists that surround them, hey?

Mind you, some journos can fall under the manipulative control of pollies and others in power. They get fed “exclusives”, which sometimes leads to an informal, unspoken arrangement that these same journos won’t publish stories that criticise their sources. You know the drill – don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

It’s a cunning and devious way to stifle dissent. This is turning into a bit of a rant, isn’t it?

Anyhow, our point is, we urge citizens to express themselves. And we urge journos to report without fear or favour. And maybe Catherine could lay off on the positive psychology stuff.

Geez, now we’re feeling a bit self-righteous. Politicians must know that feeling pretty well.

Double NegativeWe just read Scot MacDonald’s last press release as the Hunter’s parliamentary secretary.

“I also urge the Hunter Labor MPs to move beyond their approach of negativity and protest,” he said.

No Scot, noooooooooo.

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